World Divide

by Sentinels

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The long-awaited, seven-track sophomore EP from New Jersey progressive metalcore band Sentinels.


released September 16, 2016

Engineered, produced & mixed by Aaron Chaparian at Chap Studios
Mastered by Troy Glessner at Spectre Studios
Jake Wolf appears on "Consequent Aversion" courtesy of Reflections & eOne / Good Fight Entertainment
Brian Wille appears on "Polar" courtesy of Currents & Modern Empire Management
Additional lyrics by Jake Wolf & Brian Wille



all rights reserved


Sentinels New Jersey

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Track Name: Avidity
I've grown accustomed to the thought of a perfect life
Happiness is measured by pure saturation

I try to remain assured
But everything I've hoped for is falling short

I need stability
Show me the real me

I won't let my demons get the best of me
But my greatest fear is losing the ones I love
You're growing distant
Distant from my life
I think I'm getting lost in the thought

Regain what once brought us joy

Finding my way alone is nothing short of a nightmare

Justify your case and I'll accept my fate
Disconnect from reality
With no true sense of direction

No compass and no path
I'm lost
But I still lust for you
I'm itching for rapture
I need closure
I still lust for you

Finding my way is a fucking nightmare

The disconnect
I'm losing touch with reality
Track Name: Decadence (feat. Joe Benducci of Reborn Divided)
Separate me, start from the skin, then to bone
Scatter the pieces, what is left?
A broken man begging for decay

I have seen the traces
The mistakes I keep repeating
Caught in a constant cycle
The story remains the same

My mind is crippled by the words I am afraid to speak
This is your doing, I am your ruin

Awaken my ability to breathe again
Awaken my ability to fucking breathe again

This is my suffering
Endless and it's my abode
Everything has lost its color
I'm just a broken soul

You're detrimental to growth

I've lived and I've died
Trapped in my ways
Watch me decay

One life has come to an end
A hollow body inherited
Fragments of myself left in the dust
So take me in and give me rebirth
I fucking hate the person you've made me
Lay me deep in the earth

As I close my eyes and put the world to the side
My mind drifts into the dreams I left behind

Broken and alone, I'm better off on my own
Anxiety drowned, I'm better off in the ground

Separate me, start from the skin, then to bone
Scatter the pieces, there's nothing left of me
Track Name: Extinct By Instinct
Taken. Vacant. Shaken.
This cancer must be tamed

Insane. Explain. Deranged.
This could be the death of me

But I have seen the light
and it brings me back to life but

I have seen the night
and it strips me of all my hope and pride

There'll never be
another one like you

You'll never see
the wretched life you live

Silence, burning me down to,
Nothing but a memory
Silence, burning me down to
Nothing but a filthy scum

The water is rising high, your closer to the end
Just swallowed by the tide
You're never seen again

Piece together your picture perfect world
Black and white, with no more hope or light

Altered visions, who have you become
Rash decisions, I hate who you've become

There's darkness growing here
And it's grabbing ahold of me

Align your thoughts, with those of destruction
Fall victim to your own corruption

Taken. Vacant. Shaken.
This cancer must be tamed

Insane. Explain. Deranged.
This is the death of me

I am living in denial
Track Name: Polar (feat. Brian Wille of Currents)
Paralyzed to the feeling
All this hate inside of me
Demoralized, I've been beaten
Oh god, please let me be free
Let me be free

I've been searching for the will to improve
The lone cost of dying will duress you to choose
This burden we hold surpasses the test
Reality has been set in stone
Only I know what's left

I'm spiritless

I'm changing
I'm facing
Whats inside of me

I'm spending
My last days
In misery

Look past the quality
Is it me, or do the ones you love just let you down?
Animosity, you led me astray, watch it all go polar

Solace when I'm sleeping
Breakout from this agony

Grant me a clear sky
I am nothing
Grant me a clear sky
I can hear it coming

Watch me drift straight into the dusk
Fading from grey to black
Pick me apart be my saving grace
Everything I've known is under attack

I'm facing the bitter end and it's sinking in
That all I love and all I hate is attacking me
It's far too late for me
I can't be made to stand and suffer such indignity, or so it seems
We all strive for what we know is lost
Making waves instead until we've forgotten everything we've learned

Self righteousness is dead, I pace alone
Plagued by my pride, I feel the guilt inside

I've been made by a hollow god
My bones tremble with just the thought
Put this behind me
I've been drifting ever since the dusk turned to dawn
Track Name: Consequent Aversion (feat. Jake Wolf of Reflections)
How can I see your heart?
Brought up in the wrong direction
I know there's more to life
But I'm nothing but a thief

I've been barred off all I held so tight
The spite (the fucking spite)
Has seized the essence from my life

Rotting, cut from the ones I'll never remember
Hopelessness inside my head
Filling the void means hanging by a thread

I'm fading

I feel no sympathy
My tainted mind owns what's left of me

I see life through a twisted world view
I see life through a twisted world view
This pain
This pain, it all comes back to you

The enemy is in yourself
Make my skin a sanctuary
I'll bite my tongue
And watch the joy drain from my life
Devastation now

I am the phantom of a life that could have been
Inferior entity, I am an inferior entity

I spent my life trying to find out who I was
Only to realize that I want to be no one
Tell me again, give me a reason why
I have never been valued through your eyes
Torn from compassion
Unable to sympathize

Sleep deprived
I can't close my eyes
Lost watching day and night go by

I see life through a twisted world view
I see life through a twisted world view
This pain
This pain, it all comes back to you

I spent all my nights
Praying for these chains to be lifted
There is no coexistence
My irritation is very persistent

Consequent aversion

I've been mistaken for a martyr
Track Name: Subvert
Falling face first straight for the end
All I see is self destruction
Actions made with no emotion
It's all burning inside my head

There's no hope for a race with no will to evolve
I am more than fine with knowing I don't belong

Life transfigure
I can feel my lungs depleting

Creatures of impulse
Born with no meaning
Let me suffer in silence while the world rots

Born into this forsaken mess
Total corruption

The world is damned

My feet are rooted in the ground

Polluted mind
Digital ignorance

The beginning of the end
Look how far we fell
There's nothing more to tell you
Ill will and greed is all that's left
Ill will and greed is all that's left

I stood by and watched what once was my hell become real
Drop your selfish notions, you've become pure evil
You've become pure evil

Been too far to watch this rot
Feelings gone but never forgotten
False fabrication will leave you burned
You walk the road of desolation

I see no progression
Steering out meer existence in the wrong direction
It's too far gone

Abandon us, abandon all of humanity

I walk a road where everyone seems alone
Prone to depression from a body whose been power grown
It's too far gone